Our Mission Statement

We here at Manaheim Industries believe that creativity, personality, and fun are the most important components to a working company. We have created an elixir to foster and brew creativity directly in the brain, and to prove the efficiency of our concoction we have commissioned a group of our most average, least interesting personnel to create a project that is not only intuitive and innovative, but so completely out of the ordinary that you need to see it to believe.

The result of this commission is Pup Tentacle. Through our relentless promoting of this creative outlet, you can see that the more and more these individuals expose their creativity to the world, the more potent the effects of the elixir become. Unfortunately the potion will not last forever but we can prolong the effects if we have places to send Pup Tentacle to perform and foster their creativity, so to book Pup Tentacle for your next corporate event or birthday party or run of the mill “gig” then please get in contact with us via the “contact” tab.